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Rainy Lake

May, 2018
3 day itinerary

Blustery Days Among the Archipelago of Rainy Lake.

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Destination: Voyageurs National Park , MN
Miles Paddled: 20

Storms, rain and strong winds cut short our efforts to explore Rainy lake. We did however enjoy a brief sojourn to Saginaw bay, which has left us eager to explore it further.

Soboleski Bay is on the south shore of Rainy Lake and provides a beautiful and sheltered location from which to explore the lake. Located within an easy paddle of Saginaw bay and its archipelago of islands it  allows day paddle access to nearly the entire extent of the lake.

Day 1

We launched from Rainy Lake Visitors center. Half way to our camp storm clouds started brewing over our shoulders and we sought shelter on a small island. After the rain passed we headed East again amongst the islands, only to be hit this time by strong squalls. When we did eventually arrive at Soboloski Bay we were delighted to find it sheltered and warm. 

Day 2

We woke to a gorgeous day. Warm sunlight breeze. After breakfast we headed East along the southern shore of Rainy lake. Linking together the channels between the mainland and the islands we found our way around the Eastern peninsular and into Saginaw bay. After a lunch break we retraced our way back to camp for a pleasant relaxing evening. 


Day 3

With rising winds forecast along with thunderstorms we broke camp and headed back early. Winding our way between the mainland and the islands we were protected from the gusts until the last exposed open stretch to the Visitors Center. Our kayak’s bows crunched ashore as the first thunder clap sounded and rain started. A short but fun taster of what Rainy Lake has to offer.

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Having spent many hours in and many dollars on tents, we have a good idea now of what makes a good camping shelter for us.

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Revisiting Namakan Island

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