Rolling with plants

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My life’s journey has been taking me to Europe a lot lately, for work but also a little “play”. In a small alley near the Plaça de Catalunya in the center of Barcelona, there is an equally small restaurant that serves nothing but vegan food. Teresa Carles ( on the Carrer de Jovellanos has become my favorite restaurant out of any I have found during my travels. Not only is everything plant based, they also serve simply divine cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice. I didn’t discover Teresa Carles myself, I was introduced to it by my kayaking brothers and sisters from Catalonia. Have you ever had that feeling of finding your place, the warm familiarity and comradery that comes with shared desires? I found it in Garraf, where I stood a few weeks ago, for four hours in a swimming pool, helping people improve their rolling skills. I have visited my Catalonian kayaking friends for three rolling sessions now. Each time my love of the place and the people has grown.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the people and subsequent friendships are that I have found around the world through the kayaking community, especially the Greenland traditional paddling community.

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