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Conscious Strokes

Mindful journeys of Yoga, Kayaking, and Vegan Food
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Growing, one trip at a time

Personal growth, discovering ones essence, call it what you like its a journey many of us are taking.  Travelling together, sometimes with others, we are on a mission to learn through experiences, lets call them experiential growth opportunities. Join us on our journey, enjoying paddling hand built kayaks, practicing yoga and meditation, while eating great vegan food, in beautiful destinations

Our Upcoming Trips

A small sample of what is ahead for us as we travel globally seeking new experiences.

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Our Philosophy

Our physical and mental health as well as our connection to each other and the Earth is maintained through our thoughts, words and actions. Practicing meditation and yoga asana allows us to gain the physical and mental capacity to be vital, alive, and present with each other. Kayaking allows us to commune with nature and find our peace as we journey through the water that connects us all. Nourishing ourselves with plants minimizes our impact on the natural world and is the most ethical way for us to coexist with all beings. Most importantly we grow constantly through our experiences.

Our Recent Trips

Pine Lake BWCA

Pine Lake BWCA

Unseasonably great weather allowed us to explore the length of the lake, discovering the magnificent Johnson Falls. Sitting out an electrical storm and surfing home on the backs of large wind driven waves, all led to a magical experience.

Revisiting Namakan Island

Revisiting Namakan Island

Island Hopping, Dodging the Weather, and Campfires. We returned to the comfort of Namakan Island in the Fall of 2020. Seeking respite from the ravages of the COVID-19 virus we base camped at site N28 on the southern shore. 

Namakan and Kabetogama Lakes

Namakan and Kabetogama Lakes

Beautiful Weather, CAlm Water, and Magnificent Scenery. Five days of glorious weather, gave us beautiful sunsets, and the ideal conditions to explore the sights of Namakan and Kabetogama lakes.
Staying on two islands gave us day paddling access to all our destinations, and allowed us to experience the best of both lakes.

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The natural beauty of our world heals and enriches us with every hour we spend in it’s splendor.