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I accept myself unconditionally right now

Yesterday I returned to the sweat shop, my weekly hot yoga class, an opportunity to immerse myself completely for an hour. The room kept at 105F, my body slick with running perspiration, drips falling noticeably from extended limps, onto my sodden towel. My body and mind in unison, occupied, completely, developing strength and flexibility.

The repetitive nature of paddle strokes

I love paddling my skin-on-frame qajaq (kayak), I feel physically and mentally connected to the water when paddling it. I feel the skin move as the pressure of waves pass by. I feel the intimate connection of heel, thigh, and butt to the wooden skeleton. With each paddle stroke I feel the water gently moving the paddle, aligning the blade’s angle so as to ease the the waters disturbance, and leave it at peaceful rest.

Let that shit go

My Lady and I spent the past weekend in Northern Minnesota. We were at a yoga retreat organized by our local studio. The location was beautiful. Nestled on the shore of Lower Whitefish Lake, replete with sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and sumptuous accommodations. Never having attended a yoga retreat before, we felt a little lost at first, with no previous experience of the laid back, relaxed manner in which the weekend played out.

Separation of Concerns (SoC)

Why start another blog? My original blog was a deeply personal therapeutic outpouring of my mental journey recovering from the unexpected divorce from my starter wife. Whilst very cathartic, it became apparent that it was no longer serving me well to have that journey in public so I deleted it a decade ago. Since then I have maintained a kayak focused blog, more specifically one about Greenland style kayak rolling.

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